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Welcome to Heritage Livestock

Welcome to Heritage Livestock, home of the Rauchers: Dennis, Mariellen, Kelsie, Meghan, Ryan and Sean.


We moved from Massachusetts in 2004 and purchased our Mount Vernon, Missouri facility with the intent of finding quality horses of every description and being able to maintain and improve them for resale to other professional horsemen.


Dennis is a second generation professional horseman with experience in all aspects of the horse industry at the professional level. Mariellen grew up riding and showing on the East Coast. Our combined experience and large facilities make us very capable of keeping a wide range of horses for sale year-round. We specialize in recognizing potential in horses and operate based upon the motto "a horse can not stay better than the rider on its back for very long" (said by Max Gahwyler), and take that into careful consideration when matching a rider to a horse.


Located in the heart of America’s horse and cattle country, we are very satisfied with the quantity and quality of horses available to us. Give us a call whether you are looking for one particular horse for one particular purpose or you need a constant supply of horses for your business. You will find our horses and ponies all over the country whether working on a ranch in Colorado, ponying horses at Saratoga or working in a lesson program.

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