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Heritage Livestock's Summer Catalog Sale

August 10, 2024 | Parsons Livestock Auction | Parsons, KS
Tack 9:00 AM | Horses 11:30 AM

Proven Session Preview - Friday, August 9th starting @ 4 PM

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Looking for someone to fit your horse? We have created this directory of riders available for hire. Please note - we do not endorse any of these riders, we are only a median between riders and consignors. Click icon for directory.

Sale Location:

Parsons Livestock Auction

25012 US-59 

Parsons, KS 67357

Preview Location:

Parsons State Hospital and Training Center Arena

2928-3000 North Blvd

Parsons, KS 67357

Located just 4 miles from Parsons Livestock Auction

Preview on Friday, August 9th starting at 4:00 pm

DIRECTIONS from Parsons Livestock Auction:

Go north (left) from Parsons Livestock onto US-59

Turn left onto 400 west

Turn left onto N 32nd Street (Ness Rd)

Turn left at the 4-way onto Northern Boulevard

The arena entrance will be on your right

Sale Info:

Our sales in Parsons, KS feature a unique Proven Session Preview on Friday before the sale for all horses entered in the Proven catalog session. The Proven Session test is listed below. Tests start at 4:00pm and a new horse will enter the arena every 5 minutes. Team roping and pen roping to follow once tests are completed. We encourage buyers to come Friday to watch these horses perform in the arena and meet their owners. There is plenty of space around the outdoor arena for buyers to park their vehicles at the fence to watch.

Sale day is Saturday, August 10th. Tack sale at 9:00am followed by horses at 11:30am. All CONSIGNOR & BUYER INFO is listed towards the bottom of this page. Please use the contact numbers below to call with questions. 

PROVEN CATALOG SESSION: All riding horses that complete the five maneuver test posted below on Friday 8/9. Horses are scored, it is not a competition but a sure way to prove your horse(s) to the buyers. Proven horses will sell at the start of the catalog sale, followed by more regular catalog horses.

At the close of the Proven Session, arena will be wide open to all consigned horses to rope good cattle both out of the box and out in the arena - giving sellers more opportunity to show their rope/ranch horses.

REGULAR CATALOG SESSION: Regular catalog session for all riding horses, broodmares, colts, etc that do not preview in the proven session. The regular catalog horses are invited to the preview on Friday to ride around while Proven Tests are running - and may show in the team rope & pen rope preview for the $50 cattle fee. 


OPEN SALE: Open sale is for any and all horses. Consignments for open sale accepted until 2:00pm sale day. 



Horse must be shown in a bitted bridle. No tie downs, war bridles, hackamores, etc. 


1) Enter at a working walk

Halt in front of judges, back four steps

Dismount, pick up all four feet

2) Drop your bridle, rebridle the horse, remount

3) Trot a figure 8

Lope a figure 8 (simple or flying lead change)

4) Ride to gate, open and close gate

5) Sidepass between two poles, pick rope up off fence, drag log 15 feet forwards, turn around and back your horse pulling the log backwards 15 feet

and put rope back on fence.

*If you complete the five maneuvers in less than five minutes, you may use remaining time to show your horse at will. This will not add to your score but you will have the audience's attention to show your horse.

Exit the arena 

Five maneuvers being judged by two judges - each judge allowed 50 points per horse (10 points per maneuver) 

Experienced horsemen judging the horse not the rider - multiple horses may be shown by the same rider. Often riders available for hire - contact management if needed.

Scores posted Friday night after the preview

High Scoring Horse receives award in the sale ring once sold

Second High Scoring Horse receives $200 in the sale ring once sold

Third High Scoring Horse receives paid catalog fee in the sale ring once sold

Consignor Info:

Only HIGH QUALITY photos will be used for online advertisement. A professional profile picture of your horse is recommended.

Full body conformation shots or flattering action shots are accepted. Simple, uncluttered backgrounds are best, with the sun behind the photographer. Upload limit of five photos.


Management reserves the right to not post poor quality pictures. 


VIDEOS must be sent in as a YOUTUBE link.  DEADLINE for videos to be sent in is August 7th.

Catalog consignments are DUE July 13, 2024. 



Proven Catalog Session:

$150 Catalog Fee

8% Commission 

$10 Yardage + $0.50 per $100 sale price Insurance

$100 PO Fee

YouTube videos can be sent in after consignment forms and payment if needed - deadline for YouTube link submission is August 7th.

Proven horses receive professional advertisement prior to the sale.

Regular Catalog Session:

$100 Catalog Fee

8% Commission

$10 Yardage + $0.50 per $100 sale price Insurance

$100 PO Fee

YouTube videos can be sent in after consignment forms and payment if needed - deadline for YouTube link submission is August 7th.

Regular catalog horses receive professional advertisement prior to the sale.

Open Sale - consignments accepted until 2:00pm on 8/10/24

$25 consignment fee 

8% Commission

$10 Yardage + $0.50 per $100 sale price Insurance

$25 PO Fee

No advertisement prior to the sale

Loose horses accepted - no consignment fee and no representation. 

8% commission, $10 Yardage + Insurance

$25 PO Fee

Company Rides: $25/head

Company Leads: $15/head

Lot numbers are a DRAW and horses will sell in lot number order. The catalog draw will be done shortly after the consignment deadline. No changes to the catalog order will be permitted. 

Tack Sale - accepting quality used tack, handmade tack, and saddles. 

20% Commission on miscellaneous tack

10% Commission on saddles

Management will determine accepting or rejecting any consignments

If you need assistance with photos or videos of your consigned horse(s), Meghan Raucher of Heritage Livestock offers professional photography services. A high quality photo helps us market your horse!
Please text or call for pricing and availability: (417) 316-0992

iPhone Photo 

Professional Photo



Friday, August 9th

  3:00pm Catalog Horse Check-In begins @ Arena

  4:00pm Proven Session Preview begins

  7:00pm Check-In Closes

*Team Rope & Pen Rope Preview to follow Proven Session Preview


Saturday, August 10th

  8:00am Horse Check-In begins @ stockyards

  9:00am Tack Sale

11:00am Catalog Horse Check In Ends

11:30am Catalog Horse Sale Begins

  2:00pm Open Horse Sale Check In Closes

AQHA WILL BE ON-SITE offering the same services as their Amarillo headquarters. Find them set up in the room across from the sale office.  Bring your transfers, corrections, registrations, etc to be processed and printed in minutes. 
Hours are typically Friday & Saturday, 8am - 5pm 

Buyer Info:

If bidding in person, register as a bidder Friday night or Saturday morning 

Valid drivers license or identification card required

NO Buyers Premium

Payment is accepted in cash, check or credit card (3.5% fee on credit cards)

If you cannot make it to the sale, ONLINE BIDDING is available. Transportation can be arranged - list of transporters and their contact information posted at the bottom of this page. 


3.5% Buyers Premium on online purchases

Call Mariellen Raucher with office related questions (417) 316-0119

Visit the Vendors Invited to this Sale

Roy Henderson Custom Saddles

Cowboy Tack Sales

Dimond Z Tack

Crown M Cattle - CSI Pads and Lonestar Ropes


Concessions on site at sale barn and preview arena

Quality Inn Parsons

1807 Harding Dr

Parsons, KS 67357

(620) 421-6126

Mention the horse sale for special rate.

King - $65/night + tax

Double Queen - $75/night + tax


Sale Manager: Dennis Raucher (417) 316-0023

Office Manager: Mariellen Raucher (417) 316-0119

Catalog/Advertisement: Meghan Raucher (417) 316-0992


Big Horse Express Inc - (352) 615-5070

Outwaugh Transportation - (606) 748-9721

Jay Buller Equine Hauling - (601) 493-0216

Cindy Dawson - (484) 678-3785

Yoder Equine Transport - (478) 387-8582

Dashboard Horse Co - (701) 721-7326

Horse Hitchin’ LLC - (785) 283-7003

A & S Equine Transport - (870) 834-1160

Empty Trailer -

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