Heritage livestock's
Fall Catalog Sale

Heritage Livestock's Fall Catalog Sale

November 27, 2021 | Parsons Livestock Auction | Parsons, KS
Tack 9:00 AM | Horses 11:30 AM

Proven Session Preview - Friday, November 26th starting @ 10 AM


Sale Location:

Parsons Livestock Auction

25012 US-59 

Parsons, KS 67357

Preview Location:

Parsons State Hospital and Training Center Arena

2928-3000 North Blvd

Parsons, KS 67357

Preview on Friday, November 26th starting at 10:00am

Sale Info:

Preview for PROVEN Session horses on Friday, November 26th - same location as last sale - Parsons State Hospital & Training Center Arena, starting at 10:00am.

Sale day is Saturday, November 27th. Proven and regular catalog horses followed by open sale for any and all horses. Details to consign below. ALL catalog horses receive professional advertisement prior to sale and will be featured in the online catalog, and receive a bedded stall at the sale barn. 

We are adding a TEAM ROPE PREVIEW on Friday after the Proven Session Preview. All Proven horses welcome, Regular catalog horses may show on cattle for cattle fee. 

PROVEN CATALOG SESSION: All riding horses that complete the five maneuver test posted below. Horses are scored, it is not a competition but a sure way to prove your horse(s) to the buyers. Preview for these proven horses will be on Friday, November 26th beginning at 10:00am at the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center Arena - just 4 miles from Parsons Livestock Auction. Proven horses must be checked in by 2:00pm 11/26 at the arena. These horses will receive professional advertisement. Proven horses will begin at lot 5 of the sale, followed by more regular catalog horses.

REGULAR CATALOG SESSION: Same as our previous catalog sales. These horses will receive professional advertisement. Regular catalog session for all riding horses, broodmares, colts, etc that do not preview in the proven session. The regular catalog horses can be previewed by buyers at the Parsons Livestock Auction barn. 


OPEN SALE: Same as our previous sales. Open sale is for any and all horses. No professional advertisement. Consignments for open sale accepted until sale day. 

Preview session for proven catalog horses at an arena just 4 miles from the sale barn. Horses will have their hip numbers painted on and show in a 4-5 minute test. The test will be scored by two judges and results will be posted back the sale at Parsons Livestock Auction barn. Awards for high scoring horses when they are sold. Again, not a competition, but a way for buyers to watch you prove your horse.



Horse must be shown in a bitted bridle. No tie downs, war bridles, hackamores, etc. 

English yearlings will be used - not ex ropers

Test:  1) Enter at a working walk

          Halt in front of judges, back four steps

          Dismount, pick up all four feet

          Drop your bridle, rebridle the horse, remount

          2) Trot a figure 8

          Lope a figure 8 (simple or flying lead change)

          3) Ride to pen, open gate, let a yearling out, close gate

          4) Drive the yearling to the other end of the arena, through an obstacle, 

          drive back to bottom 1/4 of the arena

          5) Neck rope the yearling at your discretion (2 loop limit)

          Stop the yearling, turn him and tow a few feet, drop your rope

          Exit the arena 

Five maneuvers being judged by two judges - each judge allowed 50 points per horse (10 points per maneuver) 

Experienced horsemen judging the horse not the rider - multiple horses may be shown by the same rider. 

High Scoring Horse receives embroidered CSI Saddle pad once sold

Second High Scoring Horse receives $200 in the sale ring once sold

Third High Scoring Horse receives paid catalog fee in the sale ring once sold

Consignor Info:

Catalog consignments are DUE November 5, 2021


Proven Catalog Session:

$150 Catalog Fee

8% Commission 

$10 Yardage + Insurance

$50 PO Fee

Pictures and videos can be sent in after consignment forms and payment. 

Proven horses receive professional advertisement prior to the sale.

ONLY proven catalog horses may be present at the preview session at the arena.

Regular Catalog Session:

$100 Catalog Fee

8% Commission

$10 Yardage + Insurance

$50 PO Fee

Pictures and videos can be sent in after consignment forms and payment.

Regular catalog horses receive professional advertisement prior to the sale.

Open Sale consignments accepted until sale time on 11/27

$25 consignment fee 

8% Commission

$10 Yardage + Insurance

$25 PO Fee

Loose horses accepted - no consignment fee and no representation. 

8% commission, $10 Yardage + Insurance

Tack Sale - accepting quality used tack, handmade tack, and saddles. 

20% Commission on miscellaneous tack

10% Commission on saddles

Management will determine accepting or rejecting any consignments



Friday, November 26th

      9:00am Catalog Horse Check-In begins

    10:00am Proven Session Preview begins

      2:00pm Proven Session Horse Check In Ends

      Team Rope Preview to follow Proven Session Preview


Saturday, November 27th

    9:00am Tack Sale

    10:30am Regular Catalog Horse Check In Ends

    11:30am Catalog Horse Sale Begins

    2:00pm Open Horse Sale Check In Closes

Great selection of tack and supply vendors set up on site.

Buyer Info:

If bidding in person, register as a bidder Friday night or Saturday morning

Valid drivers license or identification card required

NO Buyers Premium

Payment is accepted in cash, check or credit card (3.5% fee on credit cards)

If you cannot make it to the sale, ONLINE BIDDING is available through DVAuction

Register as a bidder at www.DVAuction.com. Tutorials are available on their website. Transportation can be arranged - list of transporters and their contact information posted closer to the sale. Please call DVAuction support for assistance registering as an online bidder: (402) 316-5460

Call Mariellen Raucher with office related questions (417) 316-0119

Visit the Vendors Invited to this Sale

Roy Henderson Custom Saddles

Diamond Z Tack

Crown M Cattle - CSI Pads and Lonestar Ropes

Bucking Wild Boutique - Wild rags & more


Concessions on site at sale barn and preview arena

Holiday Inn Express & Suites- Parsons

1500 Cattle Drive

Parsons, KS 67357

(620) 820-6140

Press 0 to make reservations.

Mention last name Raucher and the horse sale for special auction rate

Best Western Parsons Inn

101 Main Street

Parsons, KS 67357

(620) 423-0303


Sale Manager: Dennis Raucher (417) 316-0023

Office Manager: Mariellen Raucher (417) 316-0119

Pictures/Videos/Advertisement: Meghan Raucher (417) 316-0992